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Surrealism is the form of art form which emerged in 1920s. Surreal artists that we typically think of today, are the people who had created works in this era and became famous. The artists like Salvador Dali, Joan Miro and Man Ray are those who are well known for their contributions to surreal art. However, there are many modern contemporary artists who are also adding to the body of work of this art field even in the twenty first century.

Surreal art is truly magical, fantastical, and enjoyable to look at. The surrealists consider the conscious mind being repressed by the power of imagination. It is also being influenced by Karl Marx, where the surreal artists hope that their psyche has the power to reveal the contradictions of the everyday life and can initiate a revolution. We observe that their emphasis is on the power of imagination and they believe that the revelations may be found even on the street and also in the daily life. Thus, by stripping off the ordinary objects, the surreal artists aim to expose the psychological truth that leads to the creation of abstract art and its images which may evoke the empathy from the viewer. Depicting itself as highly individualized, this movement of surreal art mainly relies on the unexpected imagination that eventually comes forward to represent the alienation that exists from a war stricken world.

The surrealists mainly believe in the innocent eye considering that art was created in the unconscious mind. A lot of surrealists have worked with psychology and a variety of visual techniques which are based on their art of memories, their feelings and their dreams .The use of hypnotism and drugs to venture into the dream world is very common in this art where the artists look for unconscious images which were never available to the conscious world before. Such images are viewed as pure art. These rare ventures into the unconscious mind make people believe that the surrealists are equal to scientists who may lead to an exploration into the new areas and can provide new methods of investigation. All sorts of techniques and phenomena are being employed to reach this subconscious creativity which comprises of dreams, random or automatic image generation and also the hallucinations.

The impact of Surrealism being a style in art is found in a variety of modern as well as contemporary schools mainly, the early Abstract Expressionism, the Pop-Art and also the Conceptualism. It is infused almost in all contemporary art forms and is anticipated as a major concepts in the postmodernist art

In the attempt to produce untainted art works, surreal artists were responsible to host incredibly innovative but mostly bizarre and also the unintelligible creations. Despite these absurdist features, the art of surrealism was and still continues to be highly appealing not just to the artists but also to the public. Indeed, through its iconic pictures and its great impact on the modern art, the surrealism has established itself as one of the rare art movements of the twentieth century.

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