OJe Jornal Featured Suzi’s Solo Expo Ongoing At Petit Palais

With the commencement of 2016, world-famous venues including Petit Palais and Museu casa Medeiros e Almeida offered Suzi Nassif to inaugurate her solo expo at world’s most stunning places. Suzi Nassif’s 14 acrylic painting are on display, until March 19th,…

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Sonnet of Every Breath-Suzi’s Solo Exhibition in Lisbon

Suzi Nassif’s most anticipated first solo exhibition for 2016 is actively going on in French Restaurant Petit Palais by Oliver in Lisbon, Portugal. In the event entitled ‘Sonnet of Every Breath’, she is showcasing her recently crafted and the best…

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Suzi Nassif Art Exhibitions and Events

Suzi Nassif Invited to Great Christmas Collective, 2015

The CNAP- National Club of Plastic Arts has pleasingly invited a bunch of portrait to surrealist artists from different countries. Suzi Nassif is one of the privileged artists. Suzi Nassif like always is on the go to cherish Christmas season though…

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Suzi To Appear At Coya Collective Art Event

Suzi to Appear at Coya Collective Art Event

Coya Collective Art Event is factually a Cultural Gateway to Dubai. It combines an electric blend of musical and artistic flair with the conventional Latin American feel, the Coya Collective member’s club is a true lifestyle destination. And this November,…

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Suzi Invited at VIP Preview for Art Fair Dubai 2015-SuziNassif

Suzi Invited at VIP Preview for Art Fair Dubai 2015

Once again, at a distance of 2 days, Art Fair Dubai 2015 is going to rock the art lovers and painters from around the globe. Though it will be open to public for free on the 16th & 17th October 2015.…

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Suzi Nassif VERA Art Festival in Portugal Lisbon-SuziNassif

VERA Festival in Portugal

Suzi F. Nassif who is famously recognized as top portrait artists in Dubai is in Portugal right now at the first day of world famous VERA Festival. This year the festival is held in Lisbon. It is bringing along world…

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Wait is over! Suzi is all set for Exhibition in Lisbon-SuziNassif

Wait is over! Suzi is all set for Exhibition in Lisbon

While art lovers a wait, there is a good news for fans of Suzi: She has worked hard on her paintings to be exhibited in this exhibition which is to be held in Lisbon. Her stall is all set. You…

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3D Surreal Art Exhibition and Events Hosted in Dubai-3D Art Festival Dubai-SuziNassif

3D Surreal Art Exhibition Hosted in Dubai

A surreal art exhibition was recently hosted in Dubai. According to the organizers this type of 3D art festival was something new as the work that was featured seemed to rise from the ground and it was first of its…

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Suzi in October 2015 Art Exhibitions and Events in Dubai -SuziNassif

Suzi in October 2015 Art Exhibitions

The approaching October is going to be the busiest ever month for Suzi F.Nassif. She is all set to attend 2nd edition of Art Fair Dubai and the 9th International VERA World Fine Art Festival-Cordoaria Nacional in Lisbon, Portugal. Art…

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HF Boutique art exhibitions in Dubai, art events in Dubai, portrait artists, digital surrealism artists , abstract expressionism-SuziNassif

HF Boutique Collaboration Fashion & Art Event

Fashion and art are powerful catalysts that directly influence the soul. Fashion and art exhibitions in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, specifically, are contributing greatly to promote young fashion designers and portrait artists. HF boutique collaboration fashion and art event at…

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Teatro Del Alma at Coya Dubai

Believe Exhibition 2019

Teatro Del Alma

Visages Exhibition Opening at the Mina Brasserie

Why Portrait Paintings Appeal to Millennials?

Famous Oil Paintings By Suzi Nassif

Mural Art Tips for Artists

Interlude in Batroun Lebanon

Automata at EME Gallery features Suzi Nassif

VIP South Terminal Dubai EXHIBITION

The International Tokyo Art Fair 2018


Suzi is back in town with her Movember-themed Art Exhibition

Another Feather in the Cap – Suzi Nassif Signed with JP ART GALERIE

Suzi Nassif to Make Spellbound Presence at START Art Fair, London

On the Apex of Success! Suzi Nassif Bagged Another Win:

Suzi to Appear in “Fahrenheit” Gala Opening Reception-Art Fusion Galleries

57th Venice Biennale: Viva Arte Viva WORLD TOUR VENEZIA

Suzi Rocked The Show-Art Basel 2016 at COYA, Miami

Suzi’s ViVa la Vida, Viva El Amor at Coya Dubai